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Dress Code

Dress code: (Golfing Members)

List of Rules
  • All users including children above the age 16 shall strictly adhere to the prescribed dress regulations.


List of Rules
  • Shirts with collars, Collarless ribbed high neck T- Shirts, Polo neck Shirts, Polo neck Shirts, Trousers, Shoes or sandals with back straps.


List of Rules
  • Attire befitting the decorum and the area of use. The emphasis is on elegance, poise and grace.

Dress code: (Social Members )

Course and Driving Range

List of Rules
  • Gentlemen: Shirts/ T- shirts with collars and sleeves, Trousers or Golf Shorts, Sport Shoes or Golf Shoes with soft spikes.
  • Ladies: Skirts, Trousers, Golf Shorts, Golf T Shirts,Sports Shoes or Golf Shoes with soft spikes.
  • No player shall be permitted to wear round neck, sleeveless shirts/ T-shirts without collars, Sweat Pants, Jeans,Athletic Shorts,Low cut T – Shirts /Blouses and Golf Shoes with metal spikes. Ladies are permitted to wear collarless/ Sleeveless Shirts.

General Restrictions

The following are strictly prohibited:

List of Rules
  • Loose Pyjamas
  • T – Shirts with offensive / vulgar themes/ slogans printed on them.
  • Lungis and rubber slippers.
  • Non adherence to the Dress Code shall result in denial of service and users will be asked to leave the premises.